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16 Young Street
South Berwick, ME, 03908
United States

(917) 501-7754

Handmade porcelain, prints and other artworks by Laura Cromwell.



Who doesn't love a terrarium?

I have become obsessed with these contained worlds. I have been making them out of vintage mason jars, big old-fashioned candy jars, round, square–you name it. I wanted to create terrariums  that were much more natural looking than your average commercial terrarium, which often feature cute vignettes with human figures in minature. Those are great, but I wanted something that was much more of a vessel for contemplation, and a work that looked as if it really were a bit of the forest floor–where upon a walk one early morning, you've made a quiet discovery– a cocoon, or butterfly going about its business in it's private world.

I don't ship terrariums, but I do sell them out of my studio. If you are interested in one of these creations, and are in town, just let me know when you'd like to stop by and see them.